Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from indie films, music and comics to journalism, video games, and food-related projects.

Crowd Funding Site
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Kickstarter clone
We are providing kickstarter, indiegogo clone at affordable price.
Crowdfunding script | Kickstarter Clone
If you are looking for start your own fintech startup, Kickstarter Clone of NCrypted is perfect reward based crowdfunding script. This fundraising software offers cost-effective way to develop and customize crowdfunding website like Kickstarter as it comes with lots of advanced features for...
Fundraiser - Kickstarter Clone by NCrypted
Fundraiser is an innovative crowdfunding script to launch your own Kickstarter Clone website with extensive features or custom development of crowdfunding website of your own niche market.
Fund Starter
FundStarter is nothing but a fundraising script (Kickstarter clone script) . Using this unencrypted script you can create your own Crowdfunding platform. Our FundStarter script comes with lots of advanced features, with which creator and backer can easily communicate with each other and finish...
Crowdphp Kickstarter CLone
Kickstarter Clone , is CrowdPHP has OOPS MVC PHP based simple Framework ,It is Fast,Compatible and supports various languages Plug-ins,template engine RBAC building & Multi- databases. UI is designed for ease of users, They can easily navigate options, create new projects...
Kickstarter Clone Script - Open Source
Escalate Internet's Kickstarter Clone Script provides you with all the features needed to run a successful clone website. The script is easy to install and the admin area makes it extremely easy for you to manage everything. Plus, there's numerous ways you can earn money with it - be creative! ...
Fundraising software
Agriya's Fundraising Software / Kickstarter Clone helps you to run a Crowdfunding Platform to help raise funds for Ideas and Business similar to a Crowdfunding Script
Fund Raising Script
Fund raising script was designed for creating Crowd funding web sites and running fund raising projects.