GoFundMe is a crowd funding platform that allows people to raise money for events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses..

Crowdfunding script | Kickstarter Clone
If you are looking for start your own fintech startup, Kickstarter Clone of NCrypted is perfect reward based crowdfunding script. This fundraising software offers cost-effective way to develop and customize crowdfunding website like Kickstarter as it comes with lots of advanced features for...
Crowdfunding Donate - GoFundMe Clone
Crowdfunding Donate is the multi-utility donation software which can assist you to create an exclusive donation based crowdfunding site. You don’t have to code, design, test or research about the features and revenue options. Everything is already done for you. Just install, launch and run a...
Kickstarter clone
We are providing kickstarter, indiegogo clone at affordable price.
Fund Raising Script
Fund raising script was designed for creating Crowd funding web sites and running fund raising projects.
Crowd Funding Site
Launch your own crowdfunding website or online fundraising site today!
Crowdfunding Pledge - Kickstarter Clone
Planning to create the Next Big Kickstarter for your region, niche, currency and language, then Crowdfunding Pledge is the right solution for you. It is a Kickstarter clone script which can help you to create a pledge based fundraising website in just two days. The speciality of this script is...