Answers is an Internet-based knowledge exchange, which includes WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers, and five international language Q&A communities.

Answer Script
Answer Script is a popular question and answer script, it's the best yahoo answers clone script out there. Most of the features of the answer script have been coded using ajax technology. This allows users to be amazed with the instant results and give that cool modern effect. AnswerScript come...
Coordino allows you to create a question and answer system for you and your users to enjoy.
Flippy Answers – Questions and Answers Script
Creating your own questions and answers website has never been so easy. Now with Flippy Answers, its takes less than 10 minutes to create an amazing questions and answers website. We took some of the best feature from some of the best Q&A websites such as Yahoo! Answers, Answerbag, Blurt it...
OSQA (Open Source Question and Answer) is an open source question-answer system written in Python with Django
Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular open source Q&A solution for Q&A communities similar to StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers, currently in use on 5,664 sites in 40 languages. It is built on the standard PHP/MySQL platform, and runs safe and fast.
ScriptFolder - Questions and Answers
Create an amazing Questions and Answers, responsive website with ScriptFolder- Questions and Answers.It has been designed with latest technology and gathering features from Yahoo! Answers, Ask, Quora, answerbag etc. ScriptFolder- Questions and Answers created SEO friendly, user-friendly and it is...
Turnkey Yahoo Answers Clone PHP Script
Frontend Users: Register for a Free Account Answer Questions Ask Questions Browse & Search for Answers & Questions Add a small profile image Create you own Watchlist Convenient Google Search Administrator: Control the entire site User Management Category Management Question Manage...