Cashback Engine
Cashback Engine is an awesome cashback script that is very easy for installation and administration. Try the Live Demo and enjoy using our powerful php cashback script. There are not that many cashback sites so here is your best chance to start your business today!
BookorRent - Booking and Rental Software
Agriya’s BookorRent is an innovative booking and rental software where the users can list any kinds of items for booking and rental purpose. This software helps to launch the versatile booking and rental website within a short period of time. It has fabricated with many notable features like...
Social Bookmark Script
Easily build a modern social bookmarking web-site, without any coding knowledge, in just a few minutes. Every aspect of your social bookmarking web-site, bookmark authors and submitted bookmarks can be controlled via the administration control panel.
Article Directory Script
Create a modern, seo optimized, profitable article web-site, that will encourage visitors to join and create fresh content for you. Every aspect of your article directory web-site, article authors and articles can be controlled via the administration control panel.
Mugshot - Photo Capture Software
Mugshot is a photo capturing software which helps you to capture your photogenic moments through your webcam.
Photoz - Photo Sharing Script
Agriya’s Photoz is a digital software which allows you to create a photo sharing website with slideshows and social sharing features.
Volume - Music Sharing Script
Volume is the ultimate audio sharing script helping you start a music sharing website in a short span of time
FPPlatform Ultra - Fiverr Clone Ultra
Agriya's MicroJobs Script FPPlatform Ultra creates a website which exactly works exactly like Fiverr and gigbucks. Use this script to launch a microjobs website in any niche of the digital world.
Channel - Video Sharing Script
Channel is the best video sharing software which assist you to create your personalize youtube clone website in a short span of time.
GroupWithUs - Grubwithus Clone
Launch, operate and run a grubwithus clone website with Agriya’s social dining software – groupwithus

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